Does your dog love to play in the water?

If your dogs are anything like mine, they will absolutely love water and make a bee line for it every time .. the muddier and stinkier the better! With the recent warm weather we have been having, they have been having great fun playing in the sea and splashing and swimming in streams. Until recently, I had never heard of Hyponatremia caused by water intoxication. This is where your dog ingests too much water too quickly through simply playing in water, catching water from hosepipes etc. When this happens, the dog goes into shock from dangerously low sodium levels which can cause swelling. Symptoms include loss of coordination (appearing drunk), lethargy, weakness, bloating, vomiting, dilated pupils, glazed eyes and excessive salivation. This is a very rare condition, but veterinary care is required as a matter of urgency. Click here for the full article from Vets Now.

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